About Us

Founded in March 2012, Construction and material service sia. is a limited liability company (Ltd.) established as a company for metal processing and welding. The company is located in Cerinu iela 16, Aizpute, Aizputes novads, Latvia.

Since the beginning, we’ve been manufacturing metal-based materials focusing on metalworks and welding. We’ve been providing construction services to several reputable private and other local entities and these companies along with other influencers rely on us for our daily operations.

Here, we believe there is more to value than just costs. So, we recognize our client’s expectations and provide them the highest quality product for the most economical price. We are always ready to either work with your existing plans or help manufacture newer construction materials.

One of our key concerns is safety. For which we’ve implemented a safety program in risky environments to establish a productive workforce and deliver a higher quality product

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a standard and balanced service that excels beyond the satisfaction of our customers. Their satisfaction is our top priority and we target to deliver successful projects with high performing experts.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the first choice for value-minded clients and not just an option. We envision to stand ahead of the crowds.

Our Achievements